As one of the leaders in the booth design and building sector in Spain and Europe, we wouldn’t like you to be left out of our latest news as we know you are a frequent attendee of the main trade shows. Our team handles the comprehensive management of any stand and event, always giving a WOW effect design at attractive prices. On the following, you may find sustainable solutions for our loyal clients and newcomers.

It has been a pleasure designing once more a minimalistic, yet bold stand for our dear clients. As we aimed to plan a clear layout with sharp geometrical shapes, contoured by the wooden fascias on each side, and all underneath the magnifying rigged banner. Besides, the layout included a VIP meeting space, which was graciously set aside through glass walls.

Our clients were very straightforward with their stand as much as in their business approach: minimalist and sophisticated. We tried to convey that by contrasting geometrical shapes in black and red with LED strings and aluminum profiles all around the edges.

IBERDROLA 400sqm built Spring 2022

Once again Iberdrola, global energy leader, has entrusted us with showcasing their event in several international tradeshows: E-WORLD in Germany, Global Mobility Call in Spain, ENVE in Portugal, and MOGY in Las Rozas. As usual we have built their stands focused on sustainable initiatives aiming to work with durable and reusable materials. In fact, a lot of their elements are being reused in following events to minimize environmental impacts.

Our stand for IQM was undoubtedly a show-stopper at the prestigious ISC event held in Hamburg, catching the eyes of all the most notorious and promising tech companies worldwide. This vibrant booth stood out with its pitch-black organic arches and façades contrasting with the neon light strips throughout the stand edges. There is no doubt that the metallic column-shaped sign boasting the company’s logo was the crown jewel of the stand.

It was an absolute pleasure collaborating and putting together this wonderful design by Leo Associates. Rock Flow dynamics is all about integrating technology, thriving for performance and usability so  we straight away built an attractive yet functional stand. Being a fairly spacious stand, we played around with colors and textures with our top-end materials. Moreover, our team designed custom LED wall boxes in brick and concrete effect melamine as well as natural moss wall, a great composition.

Our ongoing partnership with Quanta Systems continues to amaze visitors at the most prestigious international events. This time we decided to go big with the construction of a 33 meters banner with special wooden support for the LED wall and the instalaltion of a transparent room in modular system.

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