An ephemeral architecture company with headquarters in Barcelona, PRO EXPO has more than 30 years’ experience in the creation of spaces and events, offering services throughout the EMEA region.

Our multidisciplinary team has extensive experience in design, construction, interior design, graphics, and audiovisuals, among others. This experience translates into unique exhibition spaces for our clients, in which to boost their brand and make a real impact with cleverly thought-out product placement.

We offer bespoke services, tailored to the needs of each client, taking each project from design to build, assembly to maintenance. Our spaces captivate visitors, providing them with a sense of exclusivity and of just how valuable they are.


The presentation of a new product or the communication of a new act or campaign requires a setting that immerses and affects the audience in a specific way. Thanks to the design of temporary spaces, your marketing or communication actions can transmit your message in the most appropriate way.


During a product exhibition, it is essential to unify the brand image with the environment in which it is presented, to achieve a greater impact on the public. Through the design and manufacture of custom furniture, the desired goal can be achieved. Applicable for POS in stores, airports, shopping malls and even offices and business centres.


Objectives and needs change depending on the business sector. We analyse each individual case to ensure we offer the most suitable, functional and innovative design solutions using sustainable and efficient materials.


The space in every office should be used to its fullest potential. More importantly still, it should reflect the company’s image and values, as it acts as that all-important first impression for clients. We offer a variety of elements to help create the perfect work space and make it your own. From layout distribution for optimal use of space, to bespoke furniture, we can adapt any space to your necessities. No project or budget is too big or too small.


Your products are the main players in your retail space and so they must be displayed as such, positioning them according to importance or relevance. We can help you accommodate your shop to your products’ needs through the use of strategic distribution and bespoke furniture for best visibility and placement.


Material selection is always an important challenge to tackle, as it plays an important role in the definition of a space and its look and feel. Whether it is for a refurbishment or a simple remodel, we can guide you through a wide variety of materials and options in order to achieve the final result you are after.


A little greenery injects life into a space. Having plants in the work environment has been shown to increase productivity and decrease stress on the user. We can offer you solutions in different sizes and formats to improve the quality of your space.


Pop-up stores are ideal solutions for expanding your products and your brand temporarily to a new and wider public. At Pro-Expo we will aid you in the creation of your pop-up store so that you are able to create impact, captivate your audience whilst boosting your sales.


We design the lounge areas and collaborative work spaces in keeping with the company’s brand image. We carefully select materials and furniture so that each detail represents the client and relates to the brand.


Showroom spaces are used by brands and designers to share their creations with their potential customers. To create a unique experience for the customer, we can also design temporary themed scenarios to help you project your brand and products in the best possible way.

We take care of all the details, from the plans and space layout, to the production and management of each individual project. Our materials are of the highest quality and durability, at the most competitive price.

You’re in good hands with us. We’re here to offer continued support from start to finish, carrying out regular maintenance and always responding promptly to any requirements.


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