Ecology and industry are more closely aligned than ever.
Throughout the entire chain, demand for sustainable and reusable products is growing rapidly.

At PRO EXPO, we produce reusable and sustainable exhibition stands, doing our part to contribute to a better world.

Research shows that your visitors and clients are more sustainably aware. The good news is that there are significant and effective ways to reduce your ecological footprint.

Carbon emissions can be significantly reduced by minimizing transportation. At PRO EXPO we have an extensive network of suppliers in key locations, this means that the best quality materials can be accessed locally.

Another good way to reduce your carbon footprint is by choosing a modular system, which instead of being made-to-order can be rented and re-used.

Another option is to have a stand made using ecological and/or recycled materials.

Cost of a sustainable exhibition stand

Producing a stand to sustainable standards does not necessarily mean a greater cost or even a limit on innovative design features.

Mostly, the ecological elements of a stand are cost- effective. For example, simply adding abundant green areas is not only pleasant for your visitors, but also sends a strong eco message. Energy-saving lighting is another way to reinforce you brand’s green commitment.

Merit Medical Stand Cirse Copenhagen 2017

Reusable exhibition stands

The underlying nature of exhibition stands is that they are generally conceived to last less than a week; after the event is over, they need to be disposed of, creating waste and pollution.

PRO EXPO has all the infrastructure needed to turn this around; 2000sqm storage facilities and services for transportation, assembling, disassembling and storage. We can store you stand for you, year in, year out.

Re-using and reinstalling your sustainable exhibition stand over multiple events is a great way to spread out your initial investment over several years. We can also help you reuse pre-existing parts or elements, giving your stand a new look and keeping it fresh.

PRO EXPO can provide clients with all the maintenance and refurbishment needed for reusable elements; podiums, shelves, tables and even larger pieces such as stages, platforms and walls. All these can be revamped and reused by making small modifications.

Our 30 years of experience make us the perfect solution to make your congress shine.

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Sustainable Exhibition Stand Case Studies

Example 1. For our client Grifols, a healthcare company that improves the wellbeing of people around the world, we create a sustainable exhibition stand using reusable furniture and cost-efficient design.

Example 2. For Iberdrola, an energy company focused on renewable and clean energies, we created a striking
installation using a blade from a real wind turbine, held in an upright position by metal framework. Only recyclable and reusable materials were used, sending out a 100% eco friendly message.

Stand Concept Medical LINC 2020

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