Sustainability is now an undeniable factor for businesses to remain relevant and competitive.

Clients value companies that are committed to sustainability especially at trade shows, recognising it as an absolute necessity in business practises.

We are at the forefront of sustainable exhibit design and take steps to ensure responsible business practice in every facet of our company.

We can proudly announce that we have built countless exhibits for our clients using over 90% reusable materials.


Best Exhibition Stand, Removable & Reusable

Daikin | ISH 2023 FRANKFURT

Emporia Ephemeral Architecture International Award 2023


Modular Stands & Tensioned Fabrics

One way to reduce your carbon footprint is by using a modular stand design. This minimizes waste and use of materials and can be used again and again. Many companies are still using old-school wooden frames which cause harm to the planet and are difficult to transport and reuse.

We often incorporate colourful and eye-catching designs in our booths using Aluvision and German Octanorm Systems. These PVC-free tensed fabrics can be used to create ceilings, walls, light boxes, banners and beautiful decorations without sacrificing any quality in brilliance and design. They can also be easily packaged for reuse and have a long lifespan.

Modular trade show booth displays are made of standardized pieces of aluminum (frames, connectors, bars etc) that offer flexibility for additional custom modifications to meet your unique needs. This allows for such modifications as reconfiguration, scaling and accessory addition, among others.

They’re interchangeable and allow you to create numerous designs with various panels used for walls or structures or with printed stretched textiles used mostly in hanging banners due to their lightness and easy to transport, use and store.

We use the modular design to create various exhibits/ booth projects– by breaking them down into separate or independent parts. These individual parts (for example, a piece of furniture or graphic) can then be used for the same functionality in different booths with different shapes or sizes.


Due to our local storage hubs throughout EMEA & Dubai, we are able to store reusable pieces of displays and furniture, sometimes even repurposing materials in-house to be reused as needed for our clients at their various events.

We have recycled everything down to the floor! Not an easy task after days of wear and tear at a tradeshow.

Tech & Digital Printing

The use of AR & VR, Kinect Screens, motion sensors, and more allow us to enable virtual product demonstrations that transport guests into another world, reducing the need for physical samples and prototypes.

Utilizing digital printing allows us to minimize the amount of printed materials and ink used. We also use ipads, QR codes, and apps to share informative brochures with guests, monitor guest attendance, and keep tabs on our Project Management checklists and client inventory.

By using digital signage, projection, and holograms we can often replace traditional printed banners and displays. Not only is this efficient, it draws a big crowd!

Waste Reduction

We always strive to efficiently manage the waste after fairs. We sort and store materials like paper, cardboard, plastics, and metals to help minimize the amount of waste.

In the exhibition and fairs sector, MDF boards are one of the biggest waste products and contributors to landfill waste so we ensure that we reuse or recycle these.

We also make sure to properly dispose of hazardous materials like batteries, electronics, and chemicals in accordance with relevant regulations and environmental standards. This helps prevent pollution and protects the environment.


By having 3000 sqm of local storage facilities (within 15 minutes of La Fira de Barcelona) we minimize the need to transport materials and equipment long distances.

This reduces carbon emissions and helps lower environmental impact. We also store various elements like signage, displays, furniture, and AV equipment and use an inventory system to keep tabs on all of our clients’ materials.

Virtual and Hybrid Events & Digital Resources

By leveraging physical and satellite events we can reduce emissions associated with travel and venue usage; while extending our reach to speakers and guests across the globe.

Online and digital platforms allow us to offer seamless registration and ticketing for guests. Attendees can select their preferences, connect and network; eliminating the need for paperwork. In addition they can streamline events planning, budgets, task delegation and vendor & site selection. This not only reduces our carbon impact but is useful in connecting event management regardless of their location .

Data Analytics and AI help us analyze post-event data and make informed that also minimize waste.

Reusable Materials

We minimize single-use items like plastic cups and plates and instead choose recyclable materials such as cardboard, wood, bamboo. Furthermore we opt for washable and reusable dinnerware such as Stainless and ceramic.

By following this practice, it not only reduces waste, but gradually lowers cost and demonstrates ours and our clients collective commitment to sustainability.