Do you want your company to shine at the next exhibition ? Do you want your products or services to be amazingly displayed and your brand awareness to be raised ? Each year, Pro Expo is an exhibition stand company that creates and puts together more than 200 designs around the world across numerous sectors. Our experience designing allows us to create any kind of exhibition stands : modular, bespoke or sustainable stands. We are also able to produce them thanks to our team of carpenters, painters, electricians and other professionals. With our own local workshop in Barcelona and an extensive network of local suppliers in key cities we can access the best quality standards for your exhibition stand design and build whilst maintaining the most competitive price.

What type of exhibition stand do I need?

Bespoke Exhibition Stands

If you want to impact your visitors, a bespoke exhibition stand makes the difference. With a perfect adjustment with the specific footprint and a custom-made design that makes your brand shine, your prospects will never forget their experience and will be transported to another place. Your company will be recognized as a leading business. At Pro Expo, as a communication agency geared towards the design and construction industry, we know perfectly how to create special attention and impact that you brand needs to show in the market. See more

Modular Exhibition Stand

If you search for easy transportation and you’re going to use the same stand from one exhibit to another one with different footprints, a modular exhibition stand can be the solution for you. It is versatile, reusable, strong and generally cheaper than a bespoke one. We also offer exhibition display stands for those who wants to pack and unpack quickly. Our know-how will allow us to make the best of your budget and build great stands with shell scheme systems. See more

Sustainable Exhibition Stands

Do you want to reduce your ecological footprint? Are you preoccupied by an increasingly contaminated planet? Are your prospects ecologically aware? Is your business focusing on clean environment? Pro expo produces reusable and sustainable exhibition stands and proposes all the logistics that respects the planet the best way possible. An ecofriendly stand can make the difference in the market. See more

Exhibition Stand Builders

Pro expo is the exhibition stand supplier for your business. We are a team of passionate professional with 30 years’ of experience that are involved in furthering and maintaining the highest standards and providing excellent services. Located in Barcelona, one of the leading cities in the world in terms of annual congresses and exhibits, our dedicated fabrication workshop is able to build projects at any scale. No matter your sector, we will take your ideas to the next level. At Pro Expo, we offer end-to-end help and cover the whole process from discovery to final delivery with extraordinary results. We have no limit and our goal is to surpass your expectations. To bring more than expected to the table, we like to innovate and develop trendy ways to exhibit.
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A huge exhibition stand spectrum

We are proud to say that we create unique exhibition stands. They are always different and adjusted to the exhibitor budget and requirements. From simple exhibition display stand to high impact custom-made exhibition stands, the only constant is that our stands are always eye-catching and made from innovative designs. If you have limited space, our designers will arrange elements strategically to make the most of it to get the most out of it. If your budget is limited, our design team can offer you cost-effective concepts. For large, multi-functional areas, we can create an ideal and complex setting with furniture and decor. Have a look at our versatile portfolio to see our unlimited imagination! We’re longing to be your exhibition stand company.

A reliable stand partner inspired by innovation