Imagine a team of professional designers and product managers who are able to organize your events or congresses anywhere in Europe from start to finish. This is us! Combining creativity and reality, we produce awesome events and ensure the smooth running of your congresses. Always respecting your budget and guaranteeing that your individual needs are dealt with, we also intend to surpass your expectations.

What kind of event or congress do you need?

Bespoke Exhibition Stands

Event Organisers

Do you want to hold an unforgettable event? We love surprising you and producing events challenging the limits of imagination. Our event company has an extensive supplier network, so we offer a large spectrum of services and we can assess you to organize of all kinds of events. Moreover, we propose end-to-end organization so you can simply enjoy your event!

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Congress organisers

Do you want a perfectly organized congress? 30 years of experience make us the solution for companies looking to make their congress shine. Located in Barcelona, among the leading cities for congresses, PRO EXPO is your partner, ensuring everything runs smoothly. From floorplans to furniture, audiovisuals to signage installation, we take care of every detail. Call us for a quote!

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Events and congresses
Events and congresses

Showroom Design

Do you want an eye-catching showroom? PRO EXPO creates and puts together over 200 designs every year, in Spain and around Europe, across various sectors. You can be assured that we will produce a special atmosphere with clear brand image that inspires your customers and persuades them to buy your products. They will remember this experience long after leaving!

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Roadshow Design

Do you want to go on tour? Showcase your products or services to a larger audience, crossing several countries. PRO EXPO produces mobile brand experiences that suit your needs, from multi-functional double deck expo-trailers to buses. Each collaboration is designed with the individual customer in mind. We like to say “our passion is great design that speaks volumes!”

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Events and congresses

Why trust in us?

  • We are a team of passionate professionals with 30 years of experience in maintaining and furthering the highest standards and services. Every year, our event organizer company creates and builds over 200 designs for diverse industries. Our goal is to exceed expectations, innovate, and remain on the cutting edge of exhibition design and architecture.
  • Based in Barcelona, a major destination for events and congresses, our dedicated workshop is able to build projects at all scales. No matter the sector, we take your ideas to the next level.
  • PRO EXPO offers end-to-end help, covering the entire process of your events and congresses, from concept to delivery, and always with extraordinary results. Here are some example of the large spectrum of services we provide: on-site logistics management, accommodation services, interior design and decoration, signage production and installation, accreditation and hostesses, venue and space coordination, cutting-edge audiovisual equipment, etc.
  • Even with budget limitations, our designers and product managers will strategically leverage all elements for full functionality and impact.

Events that highlight ProExpo's personality and values

See some of our event and congress portfolios to see who we are, what we do, and how talented we are.

The sky’s the limit. Make PRO EXPO your exhibition stands and events company today!


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