If you need an eye-catching showroom design, the extremely creative and dedicated designers at Pro Expo would work hard to achieve the best showcase for your company’s products, reflecting the values of your brand. Pro Expo excels at creating professional spaces and at building top-quality showrooms that are both stylish and practical. From the creative design phase, to seeing your showroom meet the very highest standards and highest quality finishes, we will help you put your best foot forward.

Some of our showroom designs

Our showroom design company

Each year, PRO EXPO creates and puts together more than 200 designs, both in Spain and throughout Europe, across various sectors. Our 30 years of experience in design enables us to create any kind of showroom design and also to produce them in our own workshop with our team of carpenters, engineers, painters, electricians and other professionals. We do not solely design fashion showrooms, we can create any kind of showroom for you: showrooms for cars, electronics, bikes, jewelry or industrial products. Whatever product you sell, we can recreate a unique space to exhibit it to the world.
We have no limit.
With our designs, visitors will be led from a lofty reception space to the showroom area within a memorable atmosphere that fully engages them. During their journey, they must perceive that a story is being told and access your products at an emotional level.


Brand exposure

The primary aspect for a successful showroom strategy is that your brand must be at the center of the showroom for a memorable impact. Being aware that nobody knows your brand better than you, we will discuss your ideas during the showroom design briefing, respecting your brand guidelines, then deciding upon the various components of your showroom. Don’t worry if you are unsure of what you want, we can help you find new ideas and bring them to life. You can be assured that we will create a bespoke area design with clear brand image. It’s particularly fascinating how our designers can create a real brand impact on customers with just a few elements and objects in individual interior areas.

Our designs create an atmosphere that hook your clients

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Product exhibition and customer experience

The second important aspect for your showroom is the products’ exhibition. Pro Expo aims to set up a place where the guest comes face to face with your products and to display them in an inspiring way. They must be clearly highlighted to convince the customer to get a feel for them and then invest in them. The third aspect is to create an interactivity or recreate an atmosphere. People respond more positively to intimate spaces. The spatial units and the immersive interior must be narrative and interactive. The venue is a showroom and a meeting place at the same time, and the design concept has to satisfy this complex functional requirement. Your customers will definitely think about this unique experience, even after ending their enjoyable and productive visit. In short, direct immersion into the environment with your products is inspiring and leaves a lasting impression.

For the best design and decoration for your showroom, call us quickly! Choose us as your showroom design consultant and let us show you how we create an innovative atmosphere!

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