Pro Expo is an expert in mobile advertising, promotional vehicles and the organization of roadshows. We produce mobile brand experiences for companies who need to make a greater impression on their target audience. Each year, we create and put together more than 200 designs in Spain and around Europe, across various sectors. We like to say: “our passion is great design that speaks volumes”. Tell us your roadshow idea and let’s go on a tour that connects with people!

Some of our roadshow designs

An original way to show your products or services

People expect customers to come to a place or an exhibit to see their new products or services. Wouldn’t it be better and more effective to show them to a larger audience, spanning over 15 countries and driving thousands of kilometers? Imagine your brand present on a tour and your products marketed in all these places for a reduced price. From town to town, country to country, a roadshow brings your products and services directly to your target audience where attendees could receive precise information directly. As a result of the impactful design, they enter a unique atmosphere and feel like guests in your mobile vehicle. Your reputation and brand-awareness are growing. The live demos or demonstrations in situ inform your visitors directly about your products or services and draw attention to what you do. A roadshow is the best way to connect people, products and brands within their environment.


Professional roadshow company

Our 30 years of experience in design enable us to create any kind of roadshow design on any kind of vehicle: 150 multi-functional double deck expo-trailer that quickly attracts consumer attention, but also buses that customers don’t enter. Pro Expo offers comprehensive assistance: driver, hostesses, coordination, graphic elements, materials, signage, so you only have to focus on how you would like your products or services to be displayed. Our team of innovative designers and product managers deal with the details.

Go on tour with a professional roadshow company!

-Pro Expo -

Unique and original

Each collaboration is designed with the individual customer in mind. We involve our creative and production teams from the outset in order to achieve the best concept, whilst maintaining the most competitive prices for the customer. Our roadshow event company will be there for your every need, planning the space, design elements, signage and hostesses.

Our vehicles are designed to be developed for use from simple campaigns, labeled on the outside, to the most complex interior transformations, equipped with exterior stages, exhibition halls or podiums.

Be different and stay away from the traditional marketing techniques. Tell us your roadshow idea and our professional designers will help you to obtain the best roadshow design to suit your needs, always offering you the best conditions and surpassing your expectations. Let’s go on tour!

Stand Merck CPHI Madrid 2018

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