A modular display stand is a premade system of aluminium elements in standard measurements.

Generally consisting of lightweight components that can be combined in a myriad of ways, modular exhibition stand systems allow easy transportation and assembly. If you plan to exhibit in different locations and need speed and agility, a modular exhibition system could be right for you. They are designed to be quick to install and durable enough for repeat use.

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Cost of a modular exhibition stand

If you are on a limited budget, modular exhibition systems could be the answer you are looking for. While every brand has different budget constraints, pre-made panels and elements are a low-cost way of creating an exhibition stand.

PRO EXPO has its our own workshop in Barcelona and an extensive network of suppliers of modular systems. We will find you the best components and set-up, no matter the budget.

We take special care of the design and set up of your custom modular exhibition stand, adjusting it your needs.

We can transform the modular pieces with graphics, screens, vinyls and other elements that really make it stand out.

We can add audio-visual set-ups around the structure, produce all graphics elements in-house and offer a full range of services from design to installation. All you have to do is show up and greet your customers.

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Full professional services for your congress

A modular exhibition stand may not carry the added value of a bespoke one, but it has advantages of its own.

Firstly, it can be re-used for other events, no matter the allotted floorspace. Its interchangeable components are made of lightweight materials, so they are highly adaptable.

Modular exhibition stands are very versatile; they can be downsized or upscaled according to your needs. For this reason, modular stands are an effective solution for small spaces and events in multiple locations. All you have to do is change the combination of the set up to suit the new floor space.

Secondly, they require little storage space, are conceived for a quick assembly and components are available for hire.

Thirdly, they are generally made of highly durable materials that can be used again and again over the years.

Because they are so versatile and strong, modular exhibition stands provide a wide variety of solutions. They can adapt to any style of stand, support the weight of products, and accommodate flat screens and much more.

Our 30 years of experience make us the perfect solution to make your congress shine.

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Modular Exhibition Stand Case Study

Techdata, one of the biggest technology distributors in the world, asked us to design and build 50 modular exhibition spaces, along with an open-plan meetings area and demo room to exhibit products and new technology.

We chose to use modular stands built by Octanorm. These systems consist of reusable and adaptable metallic panels that demarked the space, along with laminated wood panels, PVC panels and printed fabrics.

The project went from design and planning to production, graphic design, set-up and logistics, plus on- site support.

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