In Pro Expo we are regulars at some of Europe’s biggest and best international shows, events and trade fairs. Working with the highest quality materials and offering attractive prices, our team strives to constantly achieve that WOW factor that defines our brand. Here is a selection of the most exciting projects that we brought to fruition last month. If you like what you see, please don’t be shy and contact us as there’s no reason for settling for something less than spectacular!

An absolute showstopper! This year’s MG-Valdunes booth at Innotrans in Berlin was certainly something! Although it definitely contained a lot of eye-catching details, the main focal point was the huge banner hung at maximum height. This was made sustainably by tensing fabric over an aluminum structure and in contrast with its round shape, the space was vertically enclosed with four backlit totems showing the company logo in 3D.

After more than a decade working hand in hand with the CommScope team, we are now very familiar with their show requirements. In this case, the stark white of the stand was complemented with a brightly coloured geometrical banner that ran from floor to ceiling adding dimension and vitality to the space. CommScope’s services were showcased in a neon logo stripe which popped out from the center of the booth.

Another one of our long-term clients, Nobel Biocare entrusted us with the design and construction of their trapezoid- shaped booth at the EAO Congress in Geneva. Even with black being the main colour, this space was fully illuminated by its 3D backlit hanging logo banner, which was elevated to maximum height for optimal effect, to its counters and all around its perimeter. This booth was created with high quality carpentry and graphics.

“There’s no place like home!” This was the feeling and ambiance that our team wanted to showcase in the Dolby Atmos space at IBC, Amsterdam. From the furniture to the walls, all felt warm and cozy which was exactly what the client hoped to achieve.

CIRSE, Barcelona, 113m2

Once again, our hometown has been the host for CIRSE. As locals we where there, designing and building the stands of our habituals Boston Scientific, Merit Medical and Alvimedica. We combined sustainable solutions, using Alluvision system, with customized lacquered and laminate furniture.

Standard for Grifols, one of our loyal customers, we created a structure made of two arches with playful openings, built-in lightboxes and television screens. As a finishing touch, crowning of the arches was their backlit logo that could be admired from all around.

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