As usual, here is a selection of our latest customized designs for booths with sustainable solutions that will make you go WOW!

This booth was divided into a presentation area and 16 totems, one of them for Amazon and another one containing a Lego demo. On top of it were three huge banners with blue lighting hanging at maximum height so that the stand could be easily spotted from far away.

Once again, Pro Expo has worked for KOTRA, Korea’s Pavilion, building their 480m2 booth at Smart City. The stand was crowned with a hanging banner in aluminum profile and double-sided printed fabric, and consisted of four different areas of 120m2 each. These areas included touch screens, three large high quality LED lit walls and three sound systems.

Five projects at CPHI and ESID, 300m2

Earlier on this month our team built these amazing booths for NextPharma, Unither Pharmaceuticals, Galien and E-Pharma at CPHI in Frankfurt, and another one for our long-term client Octapharma at ESID in Gothenburg. At Pro Expo, we try our best to limit our environmental impact by creating high quality and sustainable structures as we did for the aforementioned projects. For this reason, we always work with customized furniture made from high quality laminate and lacquered carpentry that can be stored and reused.


Back in our hometown, this month our team of project and event managers put together this space for Nestle Health Science at Hotel Reina Sofía. Surrounding a large tasting area were five corners with light boxes and custom-designed shelving which was used to exhibit their different brands and products. As always, attention to detail was paramount and the results were spectacular.

CISCO and IBM at GARTNER IT, Barcelona

Both of these were designed by RAUMTECHNIK combining their blue corporate colors with metal and wooden effects. Pro Expo used a German octanorm system with stretched textiles printed on both sides, laminate walls and lacquered furniture to create these impeccable booths for two highly exigent clients. Both projects were delivered on time with flawless finishes.

Our hometown of Barcelona will be hosting the next edition of CPHI 2023. Are you planning to attend? We own 2000m2 storage facilities close to the venue in case you want to reuse some booth elements from other years.

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