Once again our hometown, Barcelona, has hosted the Smart City Expo Congress, an event that explores better futures for global cities and their citizens. Of course, as a local company, Pro Expo was there.

One of the projects that our team created was this 276m2 stand for FIWARE. A booth that had 16 co-exhibitors, FIWARE members, European Projects and Special offers like the FIWARE Marketplace.

In a central position, the SMART WORLD by FIWARE was the eye catching demo built with Lego bricks. With meanwhile 16 modules (and 4 more to come), of which at least 12 always on the road, FIWARE has the worldwide biggest demo showcasing real smart solutions based on #opensource technology built by Lego bricks.

Each module shows a specific sector and technology case with real projects and installations to reference to, covering Smart Industy, Smart Cities, Smart Energy, Smart Water, Smart Tourism, Smart AgriFood, Smart Mobility and more. There is a lot of FIWARE tech inside, including a real FIWARE Context Broker. The modules represent important sector cases, spanning tech use from AI to Blockchain.

It is also worth mentioning the three banners of 5x5m each hanging at maximum height -so the stand could be easily spotted from far away and all the demos and customized furniture were made of high quality laminate and lacquered carpentry.