GOLD WINNER ‘Best Exhibition Stand, Removable & Reusable’, Emporia Ephemeral Architecture International Award 2023

Awarded by Veredictas for Standards of Excellence


1,000m2 of High-Tech Sophistication and Sustainability.

Daikin commissioned us to craft an expansive 1107m2 immersive experience for the debut of their heat-unit prototype at ISH Frankfurt 2023.

Our objective was to engage potential B2B and B2C clients through interaction, education, and complete immersion. Striving for the ideal fusion of nature and technology, we aimed to enhance client loyalty, foster networking opportunities, and establish the company as the foremost authority in heat pump technology, not just in Germany but globally.

Against all odds, we demonstrated our commitment to the task by delivering a unique design within a tight three-week timeframe.

The womb-like structure, constructed from curved wooden slats utilizing cutting-edge technology, achieved a harmonious blend of warmth and sustainability, leaving a lasting impression on every passerby.

Our design incorporated the latest communication technology, including a personalized interactive app for both clients and visitors, glossy sleek museum-like aesthetics, Virtual Reality (VR), and interactive screens. Additionally, a 10-meter Kinect Screen with motion sensors responded to body movements, offering an unparalleled level of engagement.

Our commitment to sustainability extended beyond the design itself. We employed reusable wooden slats and custom furniture, designed for ongoing use in Daikin’s future projects. The floors and walls, constructed for recyclability, further minimized environmental impact. Tensed fabrics were strategically used to reduce waste, and we implemented German Octanorm Systems for modular efficiency.

By collaborating with trusted local partners, we minimized transportation-related emissions. Real plants, sourced from local vendors, and an eco-floor made from. READ THE CASE STUDY

“It was great to see the initial stand concept coming to reality, while not deviating from the idea and purpose. The many positive comments from our visitors prove we were right in choosing this concept. Quotes like ‘the Daikin stand really stands out versus other stands’ were not uncommon. We look forward to working with you in the future.”

Daikin Europe | HBU Sales Manager