QUANTA SYSTEM |  EAU 2022 | 100M2

Our ongoing partnership with Quanta Systems continues to amaze visitors at the most prestigious international events. We decided to make a bold move with a charcoal grey melamine across the platform with a metal profile around the edges, creating an industrial feel to it. The banner was rigged from special wooden support as for the LED wall, in which the space in between was set to place logos and a white frame on top and bottom. The meeting area was very welcoming with tailored natural planters and furniture while reusing a former reception desk given the high-quality of our materials.

One of our main achievements was to create a functional stand-through hi-tech modular system. As for the audiovisual aspects, the stand focused on bright yet comfortable LED lighting as for the banner in fine fabric, impressive backlit logos of 3m long each, and high-definition TV screens for the several ambiances.

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