Concept Medical - LINC Leipzig 2022 - 44 M2

It has been a pleasure designing once more a minimalistic, yet bold stand for our dear clients. As we aimed to plan a clear layout with sharp geometrical shapes, contoured by the wooden fascias on each side, and all underneath the magnifying rigged banner. Our main goal on this design was to focus on high-quality and durable materials sporting Concept Medical signature colours, white and blue. The layout included a VIP meeting space, which was graciously set aside through glass panels, along with a reception and coffee lounge bounded with natural planters creating an intimate ambiance. Their latest technological events were showcased via an impressive built-in lightbox on the wall.

The most challenging bit was definitely running against the clock, in order to create a complex design, produce the stand and its components - LED vertical and circular screens imported from the UK to Germany - and set it up, only 10 days before the start of the fair. Despite the rush, we were able to deliver an incredible project while complying with very strict event guidelines and timeframe.

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