At Pro Expo, we believe that the essence of a successful exhibition stand lies in its ability to tell a story, not just showcase a brand. This belief was the cornerstone of our approach when we were entrusted with the opportunity to design the Maersk stand for Web Summit 2023.

We are thrilled to recount how our innovative stand became the talk of the summit, drawing in crowds and engaging over 1,200 players with a bespoke video game designed for a multitouch screen.

Unique Multifunctional Environment

The Maersk stand was not just a space, but a narrative of the brand’s technological transformation. We envisioned a unique multifunctional environment where every corner, every screen, and every visual element played a part in this story. The game itself was a centrepiece of creativity, a tangible representation of Maersk’s commitment to innovation, challenging players to engage in a world moulded by technology and forward-thinking.

Visual Innovation

Visual innovation was at the heart of our design ethos. We integrated technology and striking aesthetics to create a compelling environment. The Maersk logo was not merely a brand identifier; it became part of a larger, dynamic experience as we positioned screens and other audiovisual elements to strategically echo the company’s message of excellence and innovation.

Interactive Immersive Experience

The immersive experience was taken to new heights on the second floor, where we constructed a fully equipped recording studio. This addition wasn’t just about adding another layer to the stand; it was about creating a space that fostered interaction, live content creation, and thought leadership in real time.

Form & Function

The result was an engaging, multifaceted experience that went beyond traditional stands. It was a true convergence of form and function = a space where innovation was not only displayed but experienced firsthand by every visitor and participant.

The Future of Exhibition Stands

We celebrate the collective efforts of our team and the unwavering vision of Maersk. Together, we created more than a stand; we created a moment in time, a memorable interaction, and a glimpse into the future of exhibitions.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who joined us at the summit, to those who waited patiently in line to experience our game, and to all who shared in the success of this groundbreaking project. Here’s to many more!

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