Pro Expo distinguished itself at CPHI 2023 Barcelona by constructing 12 premium-finished stands spanning over 1000 square meters for pharmaceutical industry leaders.

Our booths featured high-end finishes and innovative designs. They reflected both the pharmaceutical industry’s excellence and provided dynamic platforms for our clients, that effectively engaged audiences and left a lasting impression.

Pharmathen | 410m2

A stunning, innovative and contemporary structure offset with vibrant contrasting greenery, illuminated curved edges and sleek canvas banners.

The booth visitors were welcomed by the combination of the massive 13 meters arch decorated with LED strips and company logo. An 8-meter u-shaped reception counter was finished in acrylic glass, company logo and LED lights was a true show-stopper.


WUXI | 410m2

Bathed in LED, Wuxi’s booth sparkled at CPHI. Both functional and stylish, it includes a 32-meter curved fascia with an dynamic LED lightbox, four-meter-high V-shaped backlights and a three-meter curved backlight reception desk.

140 square metres of printed graphics on fabric and 72 meters of perimetral blue LED lighting in the platform, provided a welcoming environment with a futuristic ambiance to illustrate Wuxi’s innovation and design.


LOTTE Fine Chemical | 150m2

A booth with a unique visual journey, where the artistry lies in the playful positioning of hanging banners. These dynamic forms span a visually stunning 42m with a fabric finish, transform them into two grand lamps.

Pristine white laminated carpentry walls stand at a majestic 4 meters tall with graphics and screens to create a visual canvas. While the Experience Zone, integrated shelves to showcase a curated mix of samples, catalogues, and captivating audio visual content.


Embocaps | 105m2

A stylish and functional space crafted in white and wood-effect laminate carpentry. with its elegant finish it serves as a prominent backdrop that complement the brand’s aesthetics.

An L-shaped wood-effect counter with basis finished in vinyl bricks adds a textured visual appeal and acts as a storage space.

The illuminated printed fabric banner offers a warm glow, while in the booth corner, a playful 3D installation showcases the company’s product.


Substipharma | 99m2

This eye-catching design combines aesthetics and practicality.

Wood effect melamine frames add a touch of elegance to support a perimetral curved frieze and pillar in a harmonious belnd of blue and white bran colours.

A wall in the same material conceals a storage room and a laser-cut wood world map with customizable lighting functions acts a focal point.


Sai Life | 99m2

A creative and bold design that utilises Sai Life’s brand colours to create a striking visual impact.

Hanging banners feature vibrant printed fabric to enhance the company’s logo. Walls with backlit fabric and a TV for dynamic presentations serve as a backdrop for a meeting space.

Reinforcing the brand’s identity, 3D logos were added and placed  strategically on walls and counters to serving as iconic focal points.


Genetic Spa | 91m2

A true embodiment of modernity and brand synergy with a ceiling-suspended aluminium banner in striking shades of blue that command attention and reflects the brand’s identity with precision.

The reception counter acts as a welcoming point, while offering function with shelves and lockable doors. Finished in blue lacquered carpentry with a LED strip that adds warmth and 3D logo to reinforcing the brand’s presence in a three-dimensional way.


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