XILICA Stand - ISE 2022

"Following the directions of the company's agency, we executed this completely reusable and sustainable booth, designed for 3 year's use.
We used our octanorm system lacquered in black to create the main frame of the booth which accomodate the meeting room - completely done in high quality stretched printed fabrics, storage and welcoming area with the lounge in the back protected on one lateral by a translucent printed textile tensed into the octanorm frame
Besides the impressive graphics, another highlight of the booth were the 4 product display tables made all in custom lacquered metal frame with high quality lacquered and laminate top and panels with the products spotlighted meticulously. The use of acrylic glass perfectly cut around the products and the led stripe frame ilumination completed the excellent presentation stage which was needed to showcase these fine quality products."

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