Pro Expo took centre stage at Integrated Systems Europe Barcelona (ISE) 2024 with the construction of seven innovative booths for industry leaders, that went beyond simple structures.

Highlights include a sophisticated Sonance booth with premium finishes and acoustically isolated spaces, a contemporary Ricoh booth blending style with functionality, and Adam Hall’s convivial double-decker island, integrating workspace, living room, and business lounge seamlessly.

Stand Designs for Industry Leaders at ISE Barcelona 2024


Our SONANCE booth is a highly sophisticated space with an 86m banner modular structure, LED lighting, Backlit logos & high-quality wood finishing. It also features acoustically isolated environments for product presentations.


For RICOH we created a contemporary booth featuring a commanding 26m banner, red LED stripes, a vibrant red meeting room, and an L-shaped bar, blending contemporary style with functional elegance.


We designed a convivial double-decker, three-zone island for ADAM HALL that integrates an exhibition workspace, comfortable living room & elegant business lounge with a striking 42m fabric banner, LED wall and 3D backlight logos.

Pro Expo is at MWC Barcelona 2024, Where We Have Built 12 Stands Spanning 2,600M2

Pro Expo Wins Gold for Daikin Europe's 1,000m2 High-Tech Sophistication and Sustainability Zone

Pro Expo has been awarded a prestigious Gold Emporia Architecture International Awards 2023 for ‘ Best Design Exhibition Stand (Removable & Reusable)’ for our esteemed client Daikin Europe!

Recognized by Veredictas Internacional, this accolade celebrates our commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Our award-winning 1,000m2 high-tech zone features a womb-like structure, 100% recycled polypropylene floor, 1m Kinect screen, interactive VR screens, a personalized app, and sleek museum-like pods, setting new standards in ephemeral architecture.

“It is great to see the initial stand concept coming to reality, while not deviating from the idea and purpose. The many positive comments from our visitors prove we were right in choosing this concept. Quotes like ‘the DAIKIN stand really stands out versus other stands’ were not uncommon.”

Sector Manager Sales and Marketing, Heating SBU at DAIKIN Europe

Extend Engagement, Network & Celebrate with Pro Expo's Unforgettable Events

Pro Expo specialises in tailored event planning, exemplified by some of our recent successes.
We delivered a luxurious yacht event for DC Aviation in Monaco, featuring delectable cuisine, champagne, live music, and performances.
For the AIN Group, we created an unforgettable fusion of convention, sophistication, and entertainment, including an AGM and Awards Ceremony.

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