Pro Expo at Champions League Final 2019

June 2019 saw Madrid host the final of the Champions League, with more than 1 million people descending on the cosmopolitan Spanish capital to witness this important sporting event.

Pro Expo was there for this momentous event, not as spectators, but rather to participate in the build, management and production of 2 projects; one in the Wanda Stadium for Gasprom and the other in the Plaza Mayor, Madrid’s main square, for

Working alongside Legarde, one of the world’s leading sports and entertainment agencies, the team at Pro Expo was involved in decorating the Gasprom tent, with its numerous strategic elements such as the entrance with a creative piping simulation which represents the company’s main activity; the production and installation of vinyls, and the DJ booth which brought the stand to life. There was a photo call where hundreds of people posed for photos which were later shared on social media, a captivating lighting display, and much more. All in all, an attractive and innovative space that people had a lot of fun experimenting with!

In the heart of Madrid, again at the Plaza Mayor, the city put on a tremendous show for the fans with several concerts and a wide variety of tents offering a welcome refreshment to visitors, and promotional information about their companies. The Belgian team from the agency ASP chose Pro Expo as their trusted supplier for the creation of the HotelBeds space. This 2-storey, 80m2 build helped create an exciting atmosphere for many football fans throughout the entire event.

We are thrilled to have been able to form part of this exciting international event – a big congratulations to the teams that made it to the final!