PRO EXPO became BOSTON SCIENTIFIC’s official supplier for congresses and exhibitions in 2016.

Since then, we have continued to improve our customer service, providing quicker solutions and a consistently high standard of design with standard quotations being maintained across all divisions.

The number of stands built for this trusted client has increased year on year, with 23 in 2016, 26 booths in 2017, reaching 30 projects completed by the end of this year.

Thanks to our collaboration with Boston Scientific, we have been able to make an impact at some of the most important European Medical Congress exhibitions such as LINC Leipzig, EHRA
Barcelona, Charing Cross London, ECIO Vienna, EuroPcr Paris, PCR London, ERS Paris, UEG Week Vienna, and CIRSE Lisbon.

What are the benefits for their company?

– High-grade quick and effective design service for every request.
– High quality construction and quality finishings on our lacquered stand constructions.
– Stable Account management team. Having their points of contact unchanged, we are able to maintain a high level of service, knowledge of the client’s needs and a consistently superior response time.              They are also always on-site for build-up supervision until the opening of the congress.
– Being able to rely on a support team on site for all technical aspects: Onsite AV support, booth maintenance, electrical installation.
– Availability of an online inventory to check on what furniture they have in storage.
– Our own storage facilities to reuse elements from one congress to the next.
– They receive a detailed metrics report every three months detailing all measurable items related to the projects.
– Recording of post-congress survey forms with measurable items to help improve our services.

Opportunities – What’s to Come

We are always learning. PRO EXPO is committed to using customer feedback and internal appraisal to continue to grow – we are currently making improvements on the inventory
experience for the BOSTON SCIENTIFIC team so that stock itineraries are available in real time.

References – Real Feedback

As per the survey forms recollected, all the Boston Scientific trade show team and internal clients are very satisfied with the design and service of their booths. Moreover, they value their experience with PRO EXPO very positively and 100% of those that answered the survey would recommend working with us. We want to say a big thank you to the Boston Scientific​ team, who have trusted us so far. We
look forward to surpassing our current achievements together.