A step beyond the conventional

With stand design, if you can imagine it, we can do it.  We love to create that wow factor through audio-visual and interactive elements, virtual reality and touch screens.  Functional stands that serve a purpose, that grab the attention of passers-by and test out your product or service in an unforgettable way.  Aptiv showcased their tech-focused stand at Electronica with AV solutions to make them stand out from the crowd, and Boston Scientific had a life-like robot called Pepper at theirs, to interact with visitors.

Creating something that stands out, will always give you the edge over the competition. The more advanced your technology, the more interactive your design, the more visitors you’ll get to your stand and the greater the brand awareness. Audio-visual solutions can mark the difference between a good stand and a great one, and this year we’ve incorporated innovative technology into several of our clients’ designs.

Aptiv’s latest stand at Electronica in Munich ticked all the techie boxes with a 220m2 space equipped with a rotating bar and touch-screen TVs. Take a look for yourself at the images and video.

Our clients at Boston Scientific have been working with us for a few years, and love to push the boundaries with us at every event. At EHRA in Lisbon, we built an impressive 160m2 stand, but the real star of the show was Pepper the Robot, there to communicate and interact with visitors to the stand. The robot was able to have natural conversation with people and offer visual information using a tablet, giving a whole new dimension to the fair, attracting interest and providing that all-important brand awareness.