Quanta System - IMCAS Paris 2022

"For this project, we focused on clean and neat aesthetics, highlighted by great lighting and electrical works to showcase their products and technology.
The stand was disposed over a raised platform with a hardwood floor in light grey concrete effect with a metal profile around the edge.
For built elements, we assembled back walls in rollpainted MDF and 4rm of column cladding in MDF carpentry to display graphics, the storage room walls served as support for the LED wall box.
As we are always aiming to create sustainable and reusable elements, we reused the display podium and a welcome counter, both with LED strips, from previous events with their backlit logo.

""Really smooth process made of a clear statement, fast response, and understanding. A continuous back and forth of emails may sound tiring but it is the best approach I’ve experienced with a supplier because nothing is left-back and all is written and clear to both of us - we’d love to keep working this way!
Great coordination of the whole team on site, we were happy with time management and seeing everything ready on time."""

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