We are very happy to announce that PRO EXPO is one of the local leaders in booth design and building for ISE AND MWC – Barcelona 2022.

Will you be there as well?

As we are a global, Spanish- based company serving international customers you can certainly take advantage of our local prices and facilities. We have a 2500sqm warehouse space just 30 minutes away from the venue, which comes very much in handy when you participate in more than one trade show at the same location.

Many of our clients choose to reuse their booth elements. This is something we fully support  as we have strong beliefs in a durable approach in order to contribute to more sustainable and cost-effective events.

For this reason we offer quality materials, great manufacturing methods and careful storage and logistics to ensure a smooth transportation, access and installation at a very low cost.

Please let us know if you are planning to participate in the ISE and MWC 2022 and we will be more than ready to take in your project and make it exceptional.


Stand Commscope MWC Barcelona 2019

TECH DATA – 430m2

exhibition stand Tech Data
exhibition stand Tech Data

MARVELL – 166m2

MARVELL Stand 2019

CONDOR – 96m2

Condor Stand MWC Barcelona 2019