Discover the unique ways that we utilise technology to help our clients. 

Client Objectives

Daikin asked us to create a massive 1,107m2 experience for the launch of their heat-unit prototype at ISH Frankfurt 2023. The goal was to invite potential B2B and B2C clients to interact, be educated, and become fully immersed. We needed to create the perfect balance between nature and tech, while also seeking to develop & increase client loyalty, create networking opportunities, and position the company as the leading resource in heat pump technology – not only in Germany, but worldwide.

KEYWORDS: Warmth, maternal, organic, human, “feel good inside”

Pro Expo's answer

We successfully showed our client that we understood the assignment, not only creating a one-of-a-kind design but also doing it in 3 weeks! The womb-like structure of curved wooden slats used the highest technology available, while also creating a feeling of warmth, incorporating sustainable features, and wowing every passerby. 


  • The latest communication technology for the client and visitors
  • A personalized interactive app
  • Glossy sleek museum-like pods
  • Hot/cold temperature changes felt firsthand
  • VR and interactive screens
  • A 10-meter Kinect Screen with motion sensors that receive commands from body movements

DAIKIN'S Kinect Experience

  • Reusable wooden slats & custom furniture for continued use in Daikin´s future projects
  • Floors and walls that could also be recycled
  • Tensed fabrics to minimize waste
  • German Octanorm Systems
  • Transportation reduction by working with our trusted local partners
  • Real plants rented from local vendors
  • Eco-Floor made from 100% recycled polypropylene

Spec & Services

Event: ISH 2023
Location: Frankfurt Messe
Surface Area: 1107m2
Digital & Satellite Events
Catering: Private & public
Meeting Rooms
Cloakroom & Welcome
Technal Area


Roof and wrap around facades: Womb
Ágora: Dynamic and mutable meeting/networking space
Storytelling: Humanization of Air Conditioning vs. High Tech; Human-centered experience; Use of the Senses.

Daikin Kinect Experience

A 10 meter screen with kinect sensors on top creating an impressive and sophisticated display technology, useful for immersive presentations, gaming, advertising, and interactive experiences. The screen content and programming is designed by Pro Expo to integrate seamlessly with a system that uses motion detection to enable users to interact with the display by detecting body movements. Ideal for large venues, such as auditoriums or stadiums, large stands; where the massive screen can project high-definition visuals that can be seen from far off distances.

VR Tour

The Daikin VR product showcase offered a unique virtual reality experience through Meta Quest 2 glasses, allowing customers to explore and interact with Daikin’s latest products in a visually stunning and interactive way. From air conditioning units to ventilation systems, this experience brings Daikin’s innovative products to life.