Fundación Jesús Serra - Yearly Regional Schools Tennis Tournament

For over a decade, Pro Expo was asked to organise two annual events for the Fundación Jesús Serra which is the philanthropic branch of the insurance company Catalana Occidente.

One of the two events was a ski tournament which took place over a weekend every winter in the Baqueira Beret Ski Resort. The tournament was made up of two categories named, “Gigante” and “Paralelo.” The preliminary round was held on the Saturday, and then on the Sunday the skiers competed in the final round which culminated in the awards ceremony. Both beginners and more accomplished skiers alike were encouraged to take part and at the end of the tournament the winners were rewarded with a school grant. For 10 years Pro Expo took care of the organisation and carrying out of this tournament along with managing the graphics and looking for sponsorship.

Likewise, Fundación Jesús Serra entrusted Pro Expo to organise their yearly Regional Tennis Tournament in which over 1,300 schools around Catalonia participated. Pro Expo managed the preliminary rounds in all the different provinces including the final round which took place in the Llafranc Tennis Club. Our team was responsible for the placement of the brand banners on the courts as well as the delivery of the trophies and prizes on the last day.