> Made in Spain
> Reusable
> Washable at 60º
> According to UNE065 regulations


> Protective mask against agents pathogens like viruses and bacteria
> European FFP2 classification
> The FFP2 Mask will help us protect ourselves from pathogenic biological agents (bacteria, viruses, fungi…) aerial.
> This mask has a filtration efficiency minimum >95%
> Solid coverage, adjustable elastic, wide breathing space

With this mask you will be able to follow the Spanish health recommendations for the use of masks during the alarm state.


> Recyclable and sustainable material
> Made in Spain
> Printed 100% by sublimation, water-based inks (harmless)
> Fabric corresponding to OEKO-TEX class (skin contact)
> Protection element to minimize contagion
> High production capacity
> Masks NOT intended for sanitary use
> Ask for shapes and sizes





> Available in various colors: white, white-gray and black
> Made of ABS
> 1-liter capacity
> Integrated sensor
> Battery or power adapter
> 1-year warranty
> CE certificate


> Methacrylate panels with built-in lacquered iron base
> With a height of 1.5 meters and three different length measurements (4, 5, and 6 panels) they are ideal for restaurants, hotels, offices, and meeting rooms.
> Fully folding with a 180º hinge system, it can be adjusted to your needs.
> Three hinges per joint.
> See available sizes.


> Manufactured with an aluminum frame and front in textile material printed by sublimation
> Easy assembly, light
> Fully customizable
> Reusable and washable
> Extraordinary durability


> Made with aluminum structure and front in transparent PVC, highly resistant
> Easy assembly, light.
> 1500 x 70cm modules
> Corner modules option


> Several vinyl applications, such as floor, wall stickers, roll ups and signage foams

> Safety vinyl specially prepared to be installed on floors thanks to its special, non-slip laminate

> Easily installable

> Leave no residue when removed

> Personalized design

Self-Standing Screens

> Self-supporting brackets designed to quickly adapt to premises layout and points of contact. Multiple combinations in both circulation and static system.
> Made of polycarbonate, they offer greater impact resistance than glass or methacrylate with the same characteristics. And above all, these are much lighter, thus facilitating its placement and transport. Non-porous and easy to clean material.
> Different styles and shapes that are integrated with the aesthetics of the premises with 100% transparent finishes, minimizing the visual impact, and maintaining safety standards.
> We put at your disposal a team of designers who will facilitate the technical study of your business, in addition to offering you the customization of supports adapting to the style and architecture of the environment.
> Ability and resources to manufacture parts at an industrial level, in a short space of time, at very competitive prices.


Señalética digital

> Automated POS to check-on catalogs or menus
> Touch screen available on one and two sides
> Combination of steel and aluminum
> Models available for indoor and outdoor
> Available in black and white
> Available in 3 different screen sizes (32 “, 42” and 55 “)
> 3 years warranty


> Non-invasive capacity management by an overhead camera
> High precision video device, does not record
> Alarms and notifications according to configured capacity
> Welcome speech to the establishment and regulations, available
> Automatic indicator of access or denial of access to the public
> Platform associated with use for data collection and analysis based on filters


> Face image captured by heatmap
> It generates an analysis that allows controlling access in work centers, buildings, meeting areas, residences, hospitals, hotels, etc.
> Records and stores data quickly and reliably
> 4G / WIFI / GPS optional
> Generates reports and statistics that allow its traceability and monitoring
> Application under exterior cover or interior environment
> Quick installation by standing on the ground or quick adaptation to an automatic turnstile.
> Stores up to 100,000 records



> High-quality UVC light systems. Rooms and equipment can be bacterially and virally disinfected.
> Disinfection process that inactivates microorganisms without chemicals.
> Units with direct UVC light can only be activated in areas where no people are present during the disinfection process since UVC radiation is harmful to the skin and eyes.
> Installation for offices and meeting rooms, hospitals, residential care centers, waiting rooms, medical offices, public transport, theaters, movie theaters, supermarkets, reception areas, catering, retail, service stations, in areas furnished for disinfect materials or clothing, or even at home.

Light Curtain Disinfection as an alternative solution to covid in your business


> High-pressure water motor pump that sprays the water with disinfectant using humidifying nozzles as if it were a spray.
> Homogeneous impregnation and rapid evaporation of the product.
> Personnel and material totally disinfected and dry in a few seconds.
> Works with water with disinfectant or even incorporates an ozonated water kit.
> Fully automatic operation by photoelectric cell and timer.
> System on standby, ready to operate as soon as someone passes through the detection zone.
> Detachable and modular equipment.
> Easy transport and assembly.



Small Tabletop Gel Bottles

> Canisters of various sizes
> Minimum order of 100 units for sizes between 15ml and 60ml
> Minimum order of 25 units for sizes between 100ml and 1 liter
> Customizable by stamping
> Availability upon request

Glove dispensers

> Foot holder for gel dispenser and gloves
> White and stainless steel models
>>Includes 1 refillable 750 ml bottle and a box
of 100 pairs of size L latex gloves
>>Anti-theft system

Pocket spray

Practical size to carry
> Customizable by stamping
> Minimum order of 50 units

Hook to open doors

> Keychain to open doors
> Avoid contact with items used by many
> Customizable by stamping
> Minimum order of 25 units
> Made of transparent material


Custom-developed apps for shops and other premises.

Thanks to Augmented Reality technology, it is easier to test the products without having to touch the elements avoiding possible contagions.

> Interactive POS to check availability of stock and sizes
> Touch screen
> Combination of steel and aluminum
> Available in black and white

Realidad aumentada


Geodesic dome as a solution to covid in your business

> Ideal to create unique and impressive spaces with limited capacity
> High-performance structures with a large harmonic space
> Absence of columns or pillars
> Manufacture in metal or wood
> Multiple uses: laboratory, activity room, museum, greenhouse, bar, etc.


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