Patricia García

We like the general idea that Pro Expo offers about virtual events, and in particular we find the platform very attractive. We have been forced to go virtual, so we hope to implement it in the future.

Deborah Thoma

We usually only attend one fair per year, so I thought this tool might not be very useful to us, but what a range of options it has to offer! Now that I have a clearer vision of the virtual panorama, I think we need to assimilate all this information and see what may interest us, maybe we could start with a showroom.

Paola Fasola

We find the platform very interesting, as it is very flexible and can fit very well with an event we want to create, where attendees can connect on any day for a long period of time and not just on specific dates.

Adam Hall GmbH

I trully believe this platform has everything you need for large or small events: fully customizable, multiple languages, complete content integration, and analytics data.